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check here daily for any upcoming events that you may want to participate in!

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any questions or information pertaining to crafting can be seen here ^_^

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Templates and Specs

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No New Posts Armsman

The Armsman is a member of the Defenders of Albion. They are heavily armed fighters, can use almost all melee weapons and wear the heaviest plate armor. They are distinguished by high defensive and offensive qualities. The Armsman has the highest hit points in Albion and absorbs much of the melee damage due to their armor. If they have a shield and specialize in it, they can build a nearly impenetrable defensive wall. On the other hand, if they specialize in pole arms or two-handed weapons, they do incredible damage to their enemies.

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No New Posts Cabalist

Cabalists are mages that have joined the Guild of Shadows. The order has taught them many powerful and destructive methods of using magic against their enemies. Cabalists can summon various pets to do their bidding, as well as painful acids which do damage over time. They can drain life from their foes while sacrificing their own life to heal others. They can blind and disease enemies, and use a variety of other debuff spells. One never knows quite which tool the Cabalist is going to choose.

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No New Posts Cleric

As primary healers of the realm of Albion, Clerics provide their realm-mates with the best healing and buffing available. Clerics are members of the Church of Albion, just like their Friar and Paladin brethren. They train in the ways of assisting others, but not without defensive capabilities in their Smite spell lines.

Clerics are encouraged to heal and buff those around them and those they see on their travels, though Smiting enemies and dangers they may encounter is also encouraged. Their greatest abilities lie in the ways of helping others. Though smiting provides long-ranged direct damage, their healing abilities also provide long-ranged support for the grueling battles ahead of them in the war.

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No New Posts Friar

As members of the Defenders of Albion and brothers within the church, the Friar has access to the basic buffs and healing abilities that their Cleric sisters and brothers use. Friars are the natural fusion of a Cleric and a Fighting class. Their healing abilities make them very helpful to groups, but their offensive abilities make them wonderful fighting companions both in monster hunts and realm wars.

Friars, though offensive in many ways, are limited by their armor, leather. They have access to Evading skills up to the fifth level as well as many advanced forms of self-only buffs, which increase the survivability of the Friar in tight situations. Until patch 1.102 only the Briton race could become a Friar, now Avalonians and Highlanders can join them.

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No New Posts Heretic

The Heretic is a Dark Priest/Evil Cleric class. It starts out as a member of the Church of Albion (as an Acolyte), but at fifth level renounces the Church and becomes an adherent of Arawn, the lord of the underworld who was introduced in the Shrouded Isles expansion. Heretics are able to use flexible weapons, but are restricted to cloth armor as well as small shields. As evil Clerics, they fit into the hybrid category, with both the use of combat styles and high-damage focus spells.

The Heretic's specialization spell lines are unique in Dark Age of Camelot. Where the cleric and friar classes have Rejuvenation baseline/Rejuvenation specline and Enhancement baseline/Enhancement specline spells, the Heretic will have Rejuvenation baseline spells and Arawn's Fire specline spells, as well as Enhancement baseline and Cthonic Accretion specline spells. This allows the Heretic to spec high in their offensive damage line, while receiving the benefits of a high Rejuvenation/Arawn's Fire spec for the Rejuvenation baseline spells. The Arawn's Fire spec includes single target and area effect focus damage spells. Strategically, that means the Heretic will start attacking a target, and while their damage will start off slowly, it will eventually ramp up over the course of 10-20 seconds to match that of a pure damage dealing caster. Arawn's Fire also has lower damage, uninterruptible versions of the focus damage spells, as well as a focus DD/Snare and an insta-cast snare for escape purposes. Rounding out the line is a twist on the basic resurrection spell where the Heretic can raise a dead realmmate - but as a horribly twisted creature that can do damage to enemies for a period of time before reverting back to normal form with only a small number of hit points remaining.

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No New Posts Infiltrator

Sneaking, hiding, and ambushing are the ways of the Infiltrator. Members of the Guild of Shadows, Infiltrators are cunning individuals, who are capable of moving about the Frontiers unseen. They rely heavily on their strong, initial stealth attacks and debilitating poisons to turn fights in their favor. They are limited to leather armor, but gain Evading skills through the seventh level, which aids their defensive abilities greatly.

The Infiltrator's offensive capabilities should not be underestimated, however with their highly developed defensive training, the Infiltrator is a formidable opponent when on the battlefield. Not only is their ability to stealth and backstab with high damage a reason to watch your step, but their ability to train in deadly poisons, commonly applied to weapons, is another reason to fear these individuals. Those who are foolish enough to stray from their groups in the frontier may find themselves as bait for the poisoned blades of the stealthy Infiltrator.

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No New Posts Mauler

The Mauler is a class comprised of brawny and brutish martial artist elements along with unique powers and spells. This brawling class channels earthen elemental powers to perform its primal magic. These powers augment Mauler combat abilities and combat styles. The class does not have a normal power pool, however. It will gain power from taking damage in combat. Maulers can specialize in two forms of melee combat. Mauler Staff uses a weighted, primitive form of the quarterstaff. It is known for its raw power, rather than the finesse of other staff based skills. Fist wraps are rune inscribed pieces of cloth, or heavy weights attached to the fists to augment the Mauler's naturally powerful hand to hand combat. Their spell lines augment melee combat depending on the specialization. Aura manipulation augments the natural auras around the Mauler, enhancing their defense and health, as well as those around them. Magnetism uses the power of the earth to disrupt the actions of enemies in close quarters with the Mauler. Power strikes allows the Mauler to launch a barrage of attacks that will damage and debuff anyone who decides to face them in combat.

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No New Posts Mercenary

There are those who do not choose to fight for glory or a higher purpose. They work for money. The guild of Shadows employs Mercenaries for the defense of Albion, and these "dirty" fighters are known to be quick and light on their feet, charging an enemy and quickly cutting them down. They scoff at the shiny platemail of the heavier-clad fighters, choosing to wear chainmail, which affords them the ability to be able to occasionally dodge enemy blows.

Not necessarily able to put out the sheer devastating damage of a polearm blow, Mercenaries utilize a weapon in each hand to be able to break through the defenses that a slow tank might find difficult. Loyal to Albion, they do not want to see it overrun by enemies, but they might as well make a profit by the conflict.

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No New Posts Minstrel

Keepers of Song, the Minstrels of the realm of Albion provide many helpful services to their realm-mates. They are capable of many tasks, including crowd control, direct damage, increased run speeds, and much more. They find themselves in the position of being good at many things, but gods at nothing. Holding these valuable skills proves great worth in the fight against monsters and enemies in other realms.

The Minstrel's run speeds makes them and their group-mates very hard to catch in the frontier. As a defensive mechanism, groups will seek out Minstrels in hopes of having this ability to outrun the enemy and to travel to their destinations much quicker than most. That's just one of several reasons that groups would seek out a Minstrel.

The Minstrel's run speeds makes them and their group-mates very hard to catch in the frontier. As a defensive mechanism, groups will seek out Minstrels in hopes of having this ability to outrun the enemy and to travel to their destinations much quicker than most. That's just one of several reasons that groups would seek out a Minstrel. Minstrels have many offensive and defensive abilities, though they rely heavily on their songs to stay alive. They must play instruments when performing musical pieces, unlike their Skald counterparts in Midgard. Minstrels derive from the rogue classes of Albion. They have many similarities to the Infiltrator class in that they have the ability to stealth and sneak around their enemies whenever they are in danger. Though they have these similarities, they are not nearly as strong as the Infiltrator when it comes to hiding.

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No New Posts Necromancer

The Necromancer is a cloth wearing priest class of Arawn, lord of the underworld. Due to their allegiance to their dark master, they are granted spellcasting and combat prowess that is welcomed by Albion.

Unlike other casters, a Necromancer is powerless until it calls upon the dark magic of Arawn to transform itself into a fearsome servant controlled by an ethereal "shade". All their spells are cast through their servant (or pet). They may heal the pet, command it to cast spells on enemies, command it to attack enemies, etc.

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No New Posts Paladin

Paladins are members of the Church of Albion alongside the Cleric class. They are primarily hybrids between a Fighting class and a Clerical class due to their vast weapon training options and their Clerical group beneficial chants. They rely on their ability to chant holy battle vows to assist their realm-mates. Though having the ability to wear plate and train in weapons, the Paladin is not as strong in melee as the Armsman. Paladins are holy men who vow to defend the honor of the Church of Albion in the name of Arthur Pendragon, the late King of Camelot and leader of the realm of Albion.

They may not be as offensive as the Armsman, but Paladins do have a choice to become offensive or defensive through their options in weaponry. They may train in two-handed weapons or one-handed weapons. They also have the ability to train in Shields, which prove very useful when defending oneself and others.

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No New Posts Reaver

Reavers are hybrid Necromancer/Fighters with chain armor and a variety of Albion weapon skills. They are the fighting class that protects Arawn, lord of the underworld. Reavers are hybrid caster/tanks, related in spirit more to the Thane and Champion than the Paladin. They have some debuffs, like the Champion, and some direct damage/lifetap, like the Thane. They also can specialize in a variety of melee skills including all the one handed weapon specs, shields, and parry. Their spells are a variety of debuffs and lifedrains which are intended to augment their damage in combat.

Reavers can specialize in flexible weapons, which include whips, flails, morningstars, chains, and the like. The flexible weapons have different damage types for the different types of flexible weapons. For example: chains are crushing, whips slashing, etc.

The Reaver has a "proccing" life drain duration buff. This buff, when active, gives a chance to heal the Reaver while he damages his enemies.

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No New Posts Scout

Quick, stealthy scouts are modeled after the historical Welsh longbowmen first seen in the Isles circa 633 CE through the heyday of English longbowmen in the Hundred Years War. As such, they are very proficient with the English longbow and smaller hunting bows. They are also skilled in melee combat, though not able to stand toe-to-toe in the infantry line next to their more heavily armored shield mates.

When hunting solo, scouts often perform the duties of foresters, using stealth to get in good position to shoot their prey, and then their bow skills to severely wound it. If the arrows don't strike true, they are able to dispatch the wounded beast with their sword.

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No New Posts Sorcerer

Sorcerers are powerful magicians and researchers of arcane powers, which focus primarily around mind control and powerful damage-over-time spells. Sorcerer has the ability to deal direct-damage from a distance and through the use of his powerful damage-over-time spells. These spells deal small damage in doses over a period of time and can be stacked on top of one another to cause more pain per interval.

The Sorcerer is greatly sought out for his crowd control abilities. He is capable of stopping any enemies in their tracks, which is greatly important for keeping large armies from eradicating a smaller Albion army. They also have the ability to reduce the duration of enemy mezmerisation effects on their allies, or remove the effect entirely.

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No New Posts Theurgist

Theurgists carry with them the ability to create their own small armies through the summoning of elemental creatures, commonly referred to as "pets." The Theurgist can deal direct damage on the enemy as well as pummel him with a small army of elementals. Summoning elementals one after the other, Theurgists hit their enemies from all sides, thus confusing them in the heat of battle.

They have the ability to buff several aspects of their realm-mates. Hasting weapons and increasing the damage done by each swing are two of the ways that Theurgists add to a group's buffing efforts. Theurgists who specialize in earth are often sought out for their bladeturn spell, which helps absorb several swings from enemy weapons and arrows.

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No New Posts Wizard

Wizards are members of the Academy who have specialized in conjuring elemental powers to deal damage against the enemies of Albion in a variety of ways. They have the ability to cast bolts of powerful elemental magic from great distances, which deal heavy amounts of damage when successfully landed. They are also capable of casting damage in a radius around their bodies to ward off enemies and inflict elemental pain in the form of area effect spells.

Wizards have the choice of specializing in three types of elemental magic: Ice, Earth, and Fire. Each spell line has its own strengths and weaknesses when weighed against each other.

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